C M Backflow

Printed on: 7/14/2024


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Backflow Prevention Assembly?

A. Backflow Prevention Assembly is a plumbing related device that is most commonly installed between the water meter and the service main to the property.
Q. Why are they installed?

A. They are installed to protect the Public & Private Drinking Water Supplies from cross connections. These are plumbing requirements @ the Federal, State, and Local Jurisdictions.
Q. What does a backflow preventer do?

A. A properly functioning backflow preventer only allows water to flow in one direction.

For example: The direction of flow would be through the water meter to the property. Never allowing the water to reverse back through the water meter into the Public Drinking Water Supply.
Q. Where is the backflow preventer located?

A. Backflow preventer is normally located has close as practical to the service connection from your water supplier. Commonly found at the water meter.
Q. Why does a backflow preventer have to be tested?

A. Backflow preventer is a mechanical device with internal components such has check valves, seals, springs and rubber materials. These parts are subject to fouling, wear, and fatigue. This is why backflow preventers are tested at least annually to ensure that they are functioning properly.
Q. What happens if the backflow preventer fails the initial test?

A. Repairs are necessary to pass the backflow preventer. In most cases, a simple cleaning and service corrects the problem. Repair parts are available if needed. Retest is performed to ensure the repairs have corrected the problem, and passes the backflow preventer.
Q. What is a cross connection?

A. A cross connection is a direct or indirect arrangement of piping that allows the potable water supply to be connected to a contaminated source. For example: A water service supplying water to a building that also serves the irrigation system. Most common cross connection is a garden hose submerged, or attached too contaminated fluids and undesirable substances.
Q. What is your service area?

A. Our coverage area is, but not limited to includes: Placer, Sacramento, Yolo Counties, City of Davis, City of West Sacramento, and City of Woodland. Our primary focus is on the Northern California region of the western United States.